Missouri Association for Creation — How Scriptural is Old-Earth Creationism?

I’ve been invited to attend the monthly meeting of the Missouri Association for Creation tonight. The topic is “How Scriptural is Old-Earth Creationism?” Here’s the description:

How Scriptural is Old-Earth Creationism? by John Chaikowsky

It is surprising how many people and colleges consider themselves Bible believing evangelicals and yet doubt the historicity of the very foundation book of the Bible. This presentation will look at the logic and exegesis of the mainly Progressive Creationist’s beliefs and compare them with Scripture. It will also take a look at the creation week and the Noachian Flood.

Other topics that are part of the discussion: How long were the creation days, was there death before sin, did the consequences of Adam’s transgression have any effect on the animals, was Noah’s flood local or universal, does nature trump scripture and ultimately, why does the earth look old or does it??

John is a friend of mine, and I’m looking forward to the evening. Chances are I won’t hear anything I haven’t heard before, but perhaps I’ll be surprised. There will be a Q&A time, and I’m sure I’ll have a question or two.

John has read my recent blog posts, so he has a good idea where I am coming from. I’ll give a report.

Grace and Peace

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