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Geocentrism lives

Here’s a conference I’m not going to: Galileo Was Wrong: The Church Was Right — First Annual Catholic Conference on Geocentrism.

Here are the talks:

  • Geocentrism: They Know It But They’re Hiding It
  • Introduction to the Mechanics of Geocentrism
  • Scientific Experiments Showing Earth Motionless in Space
  • Scientific Evidence: Earth in the Center of the Universe
  • Answering Common Objections to Geocentrism
  • The Biblical Firmament: Outer Space is Not Empty
  • Galileo and the Church: What Really Happened?
  • The Fathers and Exegesis of Scripture on Geocentrism
  • English Ideology, Newton & the Exploitation of Science
  • Carbon 14 & Radiometric Dating Show Young Earth

There are a few Evangelicals promoting this sort of stuff as well. Some time around 2000, a major Christian home school catalog had a book promoting geocentrism on its cover; I wish I had saved that.

Let it be the foolishness of the cross that drives people away from Christ if they so choose. We shouldn’t add our own foolishness.

Grace and Peace

September 22, 2010 - Posted by | Apologetics, Astronomy |


  1. Well done for pointing this out, Geo. None of this has anything to do with being a disciple of Jesus Christ. I would be interested in how they think this can be defended and what it has to do with the gospel.



    Comment by Steve Carroll | September 23, 2010

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