St. Louis creation museum?

Here’s a listing from an internet classified ad site:

Seeking Board Members for Group (Advocates for Creation Science)

A newly formed organization is seeking those who would serve on the board of directors. This organization, “Advocates of Creation Science” or “ACS” is the dream of Michael Douthat, a retired engineer. His ultimate desire is to see a “Creation Science Museum” here in St Louis. Before that can happen we must start small by promoting books and videos about the “other” theory of how life began. The religion of Darwinism has overtaken our schools and teaches our children that life came about by chance and then evolved over millions of years. Christians need to counteract the theory (“religion”) of evolution with a more logical and proven theory of Creation.

We need some conservative Christians who are willing to give a few hours of their time each month to meet and learn what we can do to change the hearts and minds of children (and others) concerning how the world came about and how science and creation are NOT in conflict. If interested, please send an email as seen above. Please pray and ask God if you should get involved!

These creation museums seem to be fruitful and multiplying, which is a trend that I don’t think is good for the church or for evangelism. People do come to Christ through these places, and I am thankful for that, just as Paul was thankful for those who preached Christ even with questionable motives (Phil 1:15-18). However, I am not sure that the end of evangelism and discipleship justifies the means of using questionable arguments in defense of the Bible.

On a related topic, I do want to make the trip to the creation museum in Kentucky some time while I live in Missouri.

Grace and Peace

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