iMonk: Why I’m Not a Young Earth Creationist

The Internet Monk hit another home run today: iMonk 101: To Be or Not To Be or Why I’m Not A Young Earth Creationist. This is written by a Bible teacher who has no science training that I know of (but who gets his science right when he brings it in). His reasons for rejecting young-Earth creationism are a result of his Bible study, not because of his science.

My views on the relationship of scripture and science were more affected by my college Bible classes than my science classes. I learned that scripture must be rightly interpreted. It must be understood within its world, and interpreted rightly in mine. If I came away with any suspicions that the young earth creationists might be wrong, it came from my developing an appreciation for Biblical interpretation, not from the Biology lab. Secular science didn’t turn my head. I learned that the people waving the Bible around weren’t necessarily treating it with the respect it deserved.

Grace and Peace

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