October poll — creation and evolution

P.S. A reader pointed out that someone like Michael Behe (Darwin’s Black Box) would probably fall somewhere between 2 and 3. If that is where you are at, you will have to make a difficult choice. My apologies.

3 thoughts on “October poll — creation and evolution

  1. None of the options covered my views… And someone like Michael Behe, a ID proponent would have no options either.
    I don’t have a problem with evolution, but I do reject the naturalistic explanations. So I’m somewhere b/t 2 and 3.


  2. Carol

    I, too, was going to comment that you need an option between 2 and 3. I think the natural process of evolution is the most likely mechanism God used to create the diversity of species. However, I’m undecided on whether God jump-started the initial formation of life and whether he created Adam & Eve specially or took a pair of hominids and somehow imparted His image to them or (now I’m treading on thin ice) there was no literal Adam & Eve.


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