Four Teens

As of today, we have four teenagers in the family. Our youngest turned 13 today; our oldest will be 20 in six weeks.


Having teenagers in the house has been a blessing in many ways. I have enjoyed the maturing relationships I have with each one, and seeing them grow in Christ.

Grace and Peace

2 thoughts on “Four Teens

  1. WebMonk

    Wonderful looking family there Geo! I can’t tell where your oldest’s t-shirt is from, but is he studying geology there?

    I have two, both below 7. (though since my boy will be turning 7 on Monday, he’ll tell you he’s seven now, so I guess I better say I have two under 8!) They are so much fun, and they just keep getting better as time goes on!


  2. geochristian

    Thanks. My daughters’ good looks come from my wife. I’m not sure why my sons are so handsome. Our oldest is at Trinity Western University (near Vancouver BC) majoring in International Studies; not the slightest interest in geology. I’m very proud of him, as well of the other three.


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