Where I’ve been — updated world, US state, and US county maps

This summer, I’ve added a new state (New Mexico) and at least nine new counties, so here are some updated maps.

World map — 10 countries — nothing new:


U.S. map (states) — 46 states — up from 45:


U.S. map (counties) — 900 out of 3109 counties (excluding Alaska and Hawaii):

Created with ArcGIS 9.3

I believe that this is pretty accurate, especially after about age ten. I can remember, for example, the route my family took for family vacation from Montana to California and back in 1973 when I was twelve years old. I also remember the routes of some long bus rides: Billings, Montana to New Orleans for a national Lutheran youth gathering in 1976 (?), and Bozeman, Montana to Daytona Beach, Florida for a Campus Crusade for Christ conference in 1982.

Since I was in my early twenties, I have kept track of my travels with a highlighter in Rand McNally road atlases. I’m on my second highlighted atlas, and it is getting rather worn.

Page from my Rand McNally "every place I've ever been" atlas

I was able to create the “Counties I’ve Been In” map by looking at which counties had highlighted roads in the the atlas.

Grace and Peace, from a map nerd.

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