Hail storm

Sorry I don’t have pictures, but we just had the strongest hailstorm I’ve ever seen. We had enough one-inch hail in a short amount of time to make the ground almost completely white, with some accumulations being several inches deep. I didn’t even know there was a thunderstorm, and all of the sudden it sounded like a freight train outside. Fortunately, that sound was hail instead of a tornado, but Wow! What a sight! We stood on our covered balcony and watched it come down until it stung our feet too much.

Here’s the Intellicast.com interactive radar page a few minutes after the storm passed through our area in Lakewood, Colorado.


It was fun to watch, but I’m sure there was damage—broken windows, roof damage, and so on. I hope no one was hurt.

Grace and Peace

P.S. There were still some piles of hail around 24 hours later, despite a high temperature in the upper 70s F (about 25 C). An auto dealer about a mile from our home has a big “Hail Sale” sign up.

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