Evangelism or the environment?

From The Wonder of Creation: Evangelicals, evangelism, and the environment.

As an evangelical who writes and speaks on the wonder of creation and the care of creation, I’ve often been asked the question, “Isn’t evangelism—saving human souls—more important than caring for the earth?”

This issue is probably number 1 in calling into question the validity of evangelical concern for the material creation—the earth.  The trouble is that the question is virtually meaningless as it stands.  This can be illustrated by asking another question: “Isn’t evangelism more important than good parenting?”  Whereas the first seems to call for an obvious yes, the second does not.  In fact, most evangelicals with children would likely answer no to the second question.

Read the rest of Dean Ohlman’s post here.

Grace and Peace

2 thoughts on “Evangelism or the environment?

  1. lightsmith

    Ah, Thyran, a meaningless list of links which don’t really have anything to do with the blog entry to which they’re attached. I suspect that you neither understand the false information those links contain, nor will you be back to defend or discuss it.

    So here are three links at which a more accurate account of the science may be found, for those who are genuinely seeking the truth. My apologies to geoChristian for joining you in non-topicality.


    Finally, a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson: “The Religion that is afraid of science dishonours God and commits suicide. It acknowledges that it is not equal to the whole of truth, that it legislates, tyrannizes over a village of God’s empires but is not the immutable universal law.”

    Thyran, I encourage you to discard your fear of science, and join the 21st century. As geoChristian demonstrates, you can still believe in the Bible and salvation while objectively considering current scientific theories. While some of the current theories are undoubtedly incorrect (science is always refining and discovering truth), an honest evaluation will show that they’re on a much firmer foundation than the folks at Answers in Genesis would like you to believe.


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