Geoscience employment

From Yahoo Hotjobs: The Hottest $40-an-Hour Careers


Too grounded for the arts? Geoscientists are some of the earthiest people around, and they work in one of the many fields about to take off, thanks to stimulus moneys coming down the pike. From searching for natural resources to cleaning up environmental disasters, geoscientists make going green possible for the rest of us. A bachelor’s degree in geology or geophysics is a necessity in this field, and many employers prefer a master’s degree.

This is a diverse field, which means that geoscientists can find work in a great many niches, both public and private. With so many specializations in this field (mineralologist, sedimentologist, paleontologist, volcanologist, and geochemist to name a few) career training is vital to landing the job you want.

Median Hourly Wage for Geoscientists in 2007: $40.43 ($84,100 yearly)

I’m ready.

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