Marcus Ross review of The Bible, Rocks and Time

Christianity Today has a review The Bible, Rocks and Time, the recent book written by Christian geologists Davis Young and Ralph Stearley. I’ve written about this excellent book here and here.

The review is by young-Earth creationist Marcus Ross, who earned his PhD in geology from the University of Rhode Island a few years ago, and now teaches at Liberty University in Virginia.

Ross critisizes The Bible, Rocks and Time for what it does not cover in depth: the historicity of Adam and Eve, the Fall, the old-Earth/theistic evolution understanding of the Flood, etc. While these are important issues, Ross seems to miss the point that this book was not aiming to be a comprehensive statement on all issues of origins, but only on a narrow segment of this: geology. The critique of young-Earth creationism given by Young and Stearley from a geological perspective is in my mind devastating.

Ross concludes with his belief that young-Earth creationism is superior to any old-Earth/theistic evolutionary views by stating:

“This comprehensive framework [i.e. young-Earth creationism] fosters understandings of sin, the problem of evil, divine nature, judgment, Christ as the Second Adam, salvation, and eschatological redemption. A full view of the Creation can only be acquired from the whole of Scripture—from Genesis to Revelation—not by focusing, even intently, on but one chapter.”

As far as I can tell, Young and Stearley hold to thoroughly orthodox views on all of these doctrines, and then some. They simply were not the topic of the book.

Grace and Peace

2 thoughts on “Marcus Ross review of The Bible, Rocks and Time

  1. Tim Helble

    This shows that Ross just doesn’t get it. There is this huge wall that says “No apparent, perceived or claimed evidence in any field, including history and chronology, can be valid if it contradicts the Scriptural record” between him and the mountain of geologic evidence for an old earth. He can’t seem to see past the wall. He doesn’t want to see.


  2. Sebastian

    Ross can’t see past the wall, because he is an idiot. He claims that the Earth is 4000 years old as according to the Bible, which means that the Earth was created before the oldest civilizations that we have record of from Asia. I do not get his stupidity at all. If there was a global flood then way the pyramids are still standing in Egypt Mr. Ross? I wish he could read this message.I am a Christian myself from the time I was born, and through science I see that we get to understand much better God’s creation. That’s why God gave us knowledge so we through science can uncover the mysetery of God’s creation. I just wonder if Ross could stand face to face with God, and God would tell him, ok this is the way things happen, you have everything in the science textbooks and in science journals. The Earth is 4.5 billion years old and all the living things evolved even the humans. I can imagine the response from Ross, – oh no God, you are wrong, the Bible says that you created the Earth in six days. So as you can see, the fundamental Christians are trying so hard to twist God’s word and creation. I just wonder if this crazyness will ever end. Who knows what the future holds for us. I predict that in the future there will be many Chrstian scientists studing the evolution of life on Earth and all of them will give thanks to God for His creation, that He let them understand His creation through real science, the way things were made. Amen.


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