Taliban areas of Pakistan

Imagine the Taliban with nuclear weapons. That could happen if the worst-case scenario happens in nuclear-armed Pakistan, where the radical terrorist group is making significant advances.

A Taliban conquest of Pakistan is by no means certain. The Pakistani military is powerful and could strike back. Or the cultural differences between the tribal Taliban and the majority Punjabi and Sindhi groups that populate the Indus valley could be significant enough to block the advance of the radical Taliban ideology in the hearts of the people. But then again, the Taliban are determined and patient, and could make further unexpected advances.

The Long War Journal has a couple maps showing the extent of Taliban control in the Northwest Frontier Province and adjoining areas, not too far from the capital city of Islamabad.


Extent of Taliban control 4/14/09

from The Long War Journal:

Terrorists rally in Swat, march through region


Extent of Taliban control 4/24/09

from The Long War Journal:

Rangers deployed to secure Islamabad outskirts

HT: The Map Room

Grace and Peace

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