Interactive denomination maps

The Association of Religion Data Archives has an interactive map showing the distribution of a large number of Christian denominations and other religious groups over time. Here are three maps showing the growth of my denomination, the Evangelical Free Church of America from 1980 to 2000:

EFCA 1980
EFCA 1980
EFCA 1990
EFCA 1990
EFCA 2000
EFCA 2000

Maps are available for many denominations and groups, ranging in size from the Southern Baptists and Roman Catholics, down to the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and the Old Order River Brethren.

HT: Internet Monk. Michael Spencer has had a series of posts on what he sees as the upcoming collapse of Evangelicalism, which he believes has already begun. The Evangelical Free Church of America is still growing, but is not immune from the weaknesses of Evangelicalism as a whole: focus on the culture war rather than the gospel, failure to pass on the faith to the next generation, consumer-driven worship, the rising tide of secularism, emphases on relevance and success, placing subjective feelings above objective doctrine. Michael Spencer summarizes his reasoning in last week’s Christian Science Monitor: The coming evangelical collapse.

Grace and Peace

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