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Found on Google Earth: Atlantis (no) and pink bunny (yes)

The release of Google Earth 5.0 included better bathymetry of much of the ocean floor. (Bathymetry is the study of ocean and lake depth)

Some have claimed that this pattern on the Atlantic sea floor west of the Canary Islands is the ruins of the mythical island of Atlantis. The area is over 100 miles across, and the lines would represent roads or something.

Credit: Google Maps

Credit: Google Maps

My response: baloney. The lines are artifacts of the processing of digital sonar data collected by a ship that surveyed the area by making a grid-like pattern. The Google bathymetry data has various processing artifacts just about anywhere you look; this is just a little more obvious.

Not that interesting things aren’t found from time to time on Google Earth. Here’s one of my favorites: the Giant Pink Bunny of Artesina, Italy:

Credit: Google Maps

Credit: Google Maps

New York Times article: Fabled City of Atlantis Spotted on Google Earth

Google Maps: Atlantis grid

Google Maps: Pink Bunny of Artesina

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  1. Atlantis ruins! Oh my god! ~~~~~~Nathan


    Comment by Nathan | February 20, 2010

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