Darwin’s Birthday

Charles Darwin age 51, from Wikipedia: Darwin

Charles Darwin was born on February 12, 1809; two hundred years ago today.

Darwin’s theory of evolution, obviously, has been an extremely divisive topic. Has Darwinism made the world safe for atheism, as the “New Atheists” would claim? Is Darwinian evolution really EVILution; a doctrine of the devil? Or are evolution and Christianity perfectly compatible?

There has been an interesting discussion this week at The Internet Monk (Michael Spencer’s excellent blog) about the Roman Catholic approach to evolution as contrasted with the typical Evangelical approach. More specifically, he wanted to hear from people who have converted from Evangelicalism to Roman Catholicism because they found the RC way of thinking about evolution to be more palatable.

In a discussion on this blog earlier this week, a geologist made a comment along the same lines:

I think the Catholic Church makes it easier for its followers— accept human evolution, but consider Adam to represent the moment in which H. sapiens was infused with a soul.

Is he right?

I would take the Roman Catholic approach over young-Earth creationism, but are there better alternatives, such as Hugh Ross’s progressive day-age creationism?

It isn’t, of course, just a question of pragmatism. It is a question of truth. Which approach is most true to both Scripture and science?

Grace and Peace

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