Charles Lyell: geologist, Christian believer

Here’s the frontispiece from Charles Lyell’s Principles of Geology. The book was first published in three volumes in 1830 to 1833, but this is from an 1857 edition.


This cross-section shows an amazing understanding of the basic geologic processes that form the Earth’s crust: plutonism, volcanism, metamorphism, sedimentation, and folding.

Like most geologists (at least I assume), I’ve never read Principles of Geology. It is available online in many places, including several editions at Google Books.

From Lyell’s obituary in the New York Times, (date February 25, 1875):

But, though an evolutionist, Lyell was not a skeptic. He lived and died a Christian believer.

Image from Wikipedia: Charles Lyell.

Grace and Peace

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