More ridiculousness of Religulous

Stand to Reason Blog has another review of “Religulous.” Here are a few excerpts from Religulous is Ridiculous:

Watching Bill Maher’s supposed expose of the irrationality of religion “Religulous” is like being hit over the head with a club for 90 minutes.  Not even a baseball bat.  A club.  Because it’s so atrociously dull, heavy-handed, and crude.  And I don’t mean crude in the rude sense, though there is some of that.  Maher’s evaluation of and arguments against religion are crude and are only used as a club to beat people.  He says at the beginning that he’s a skeptic looking for answers, but that’s a ruse that he makes explicit in the last five minutes when he expresses his evangelistic goals for his movie. 

The movie is made by the man who made “Borat.”  And it’s really the same kind of movie.  A clown does absurd things to get a reaction out of unsuspecting people.  Only this time the clown doesn’t realize the part he’s playing.

Again, don’t take a movie like this as a serious attack on Christian faith. It doesn’t address the real issues. The creators of the film found Christians, and other religious people, who say silly things. So what? I can find historians who say silly things about Abraham Lincoln, but does that mean Abraham Lincoln didn’t exist.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. But we should also not be confused or have our faith weakened by these attacks.

Grace and Peace

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