The Bible Rocks — endorsements

I received my copy of The Bible, Rocks, and Time yesterday (I thought I wouldn’t get it until October!). Here are some of the endorsements from inside the front cover:

What an enjoyable tour of the history of geology, the interaction between geological study and biblical exegesis, and the current field of geology itself! Professors Young and Stearley have shown us why the geological evidence for the age of the earth is persuasive. Their love for the Bible and for the world that God made, their commitment to a biblical worldview, and their patient expalanations of scientific principles are exemplary, as is their respect for those Christians with whom they disagree. Thank you, professors, for writing such a helpful book, which I will be glad to have people read. — C. John Collins, Professor of Old Testament, Covenant Theological Seminary.

I took a few classes at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis back in the 90’s, and have heard Dr. Collins speak. The commitment of the seminary and of Dr. Collins to the truthfulness of Scriptures is beyond doubt, so this is a great endorsement for this book.

This book is a masterful, scholarly, engaging and readable defense of the claim that standard geology’s dating of the earth is consistent with a high view of holy Scripture and sound Christian doctrine. Its challenge to young-Earth creationism is daunting–not only scientific but biblical, theological, philosophical and apologetical as wll. It is the best book I know on this topic. — John W. Cooper, Professor of Philosophical Theology, Calvin Theological Seminary

The basic geology in The Bible, Rocks and Time is “rock solid.” Despite my background of over a half century of geologic teaching and research, I could find nothing with which to argue. The  book represents a most welcome change, an authoritative and well-documented major work combining solid science and religious history to stand in sharp contrast against the vast religio-scientific literature by those with little sophistication about either or both. — Donald U. Wise, Professor Emeritus of Geology, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

This book would be especially helpful for:

  • Christian college students with a major or interest in science. Many of these students struggle with the relationship between science and their Christian faith.
  • Pastors and youth workers who need a viable, Biblically-sound alternative to young-Earth creationism.
  • Non-believing scientists, doctors and engineers who reject Christianity because they think they think faith in Christ is incompatible with science.
  • Anyone who has an interest in the relationship between science (especially geology) and the Bible.

My prayer is that this book would be used to build up God’s people, and to point nonbelievers to faith in Christ.

Grace and Peace

P.S. InterVarsity Press did a great job of printing this book. It contains a number of black and white photos and diagrams which are produced with a crispness and sharpness that is usually not seen in non-textbook paperbacks.

I posted a pre-review a few weeks ago.

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