Picken an alternative

The over-dependence of the United States on foreign oil is bad for our economy and for our national security. This week, I read several plans for significantly reducing our oil imports. One of these was from billionaire T. Boone Pickens. He would have us invest a trillion dollars in wind energy, installing thousands of wind turbines in the high plains, stretching from Texas to North Dakota. The electricity generated by these windmills would replace power plants that produce electricity by burning natural gas. This natural gas would then be used to power automobiles, reducing our dependence on imported oil. The United States has large reserves of natural gas, and natural gas burns more cleanly than other fossil fuels, which adds to the attractiveness of this plan.

This plan would not only make Pickens an even wealthier man (he has large investments in both wind power and natural gas), it might be good for America.

Los Angeles Times story: T. Boone Pickens could gain from his energy plan, but so might we

Pickens Plan web site

There are weaknesses, but his plan is much better than the status quo. Pickens has lots of money, and he will be actively promoting his plan.

(HT: geology.com/news, Be Bold, Be Gentle)

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