Myanmar cyclone #2

With the hardness of our hearts, it is easy to look at massive tragedy such as the cyclone (hurricane) that hit Myanmar (Burma) this week and then quickly turn away and forget.

John Piper has “6 ways to react to the cyclone

  1. Be softened to the pain nearby.
  2. Pray for the followers of Christ in Myanmar.
  3. Pray for the millions of unbelievers near the calamity and far from it.
  4. Pray for those of us who live in the seeming security and prosperity of America
  5. Give money to replenish the coffers of compassion “since you also are in the body”
  6. Muster a team from your church, and when the doors are open, be ready to go.

Piper gives specific ideas for how to pray for each of these on his Desiring God blog.

Grace and Peace

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