Bad apologetics and the search for Noah’s Ark

Christianity Today has a brief article on amateur archeologists who mount expeditions searching for Noah’s Ark: Finders of the Lost Ark?

A number of explorers have laid claim to discovering Noah’s Ark, usually on or near Mount Ararat in Turkey. But each always finds something different. Obviously, logic dictates that they can’t all be right—and most must be wrong. Churches and Christian conferences have hosted speakers who tell fantastic tales—in fact, too fantastic. Time after time we have realized that their discoveries have as much historical value as The Da Vinci Code. As much as we would like to believe them, their claims remain speculative and unproven.

The article contrasts the sensational claims of amateurs such as Ron Wyatt and Robert Cornuke, who have both claimed to find the real Noah’s Ark, with the rather tedious work of professional archeologists, who put together the stories of civilizations one pottery piece at a time. Wild speculation will always find an audience, but will fade quickly with time. Like the rest of life, most work of Biblical archeology is done one little bit at a time.

Grace and Peace

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