Nine months until Christmas — A solid reason to oppose abortion

From Abortion and Christmas by Scott Stiegemeyer:

Even though we are still basking in the glory of the Festival of the Resurrection, today my mind turns toward Christmas. That’s because today is the commemoration of the Annunciation, the scene in Luke’s Gospel where the angel tells Mary that she will bear a son who will be called the Son of God. March 25 is exactly nine months before Christmas which, of course, is the the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Thus today is really the celebration of the impregnation of Mary, the incarnation of God’s one eternally begotten son in the Virgin’s womb. As St. John wrote: The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.

I never seem to get past this date without needing to comment on the great atrocity of abortion. It is simply not possible to take the incarnation of God’s Son seriously and not be opposed to abortion. The Eternal Son did not begin his earthly pilgrimage as an infant in Bethlehem. He began it as a zygote in Nazareth.

Grace and Peace

Thanks to: Cranach

One thought on “Nine months until Christmas — A solid reason to oppose abortion

  1. Hi GeoChristian!

    Your last post discussed the conversion of Anne Rice to Christianity.

    Here is a link that is appropriate to the topic of abortion that prompted many conversions.

    Mind you, this is real and graphic. Prepare yourself. Children, please have your parents review it first.

    Brain food to help capture the hearts and minds of people.

    Peace and Grace


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