Planet Earth — Caves

Living in Romania, I didn’t see the “Planet Earth” series on television. It may have been on TV here, but if so I missed it.

I am doing a unit on groundwater in Earth science, and was looking for video clips to show in class. I found the introductory scene of the Planet Earth episode “Caves.” Watch for the fastest way to enter the Cave of the Swallows in Mexico.

The two-minute intro to the episode is here: Planet Earth — Caves

Grace and Peace

2 thoughts on “Planet Earth — Caves

  1. I could probably rappel down into this shaft, but leaping off backwards — uh, no thanks! Awesome views!

    I learned recently that an expedition team in Yellowstone National Park mapped over 200 previously uncharted waterfalls, including a few over 200 feet high. So there is plenty of exploring of this beautiful planet yet to do!


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