Asexual Reproduction

Gene Edward Veith (Cranach) has a post on generating human embryos from human skin cells. The ability to generate stem cells from skin cells was a promising medical breakthrough that bypasses the serious ethical concerns that are associated with embryonic stem cell research; the ability to create an entire human being brings all kinds of ethical issues back once again.

We humans have a marvelous ability to take nature and/or technology and pervert it into something dreadful. This is true whether we consider nuclear physics, genetics, chemical engineering, or any other field of human inquiry. It also includes sex. Veith asks:

We have already separated sex from procreation. We have also separated procreation from sex. (Artificial insemination at least uses the sexual cells. This method dispenses with that, finding a skin cell sufficient.) Reportedly, an artificial womb will soon be feasible. Do you think, in the future, that pregnancy will become obsolete?

Veith says it better than I can, so read the his blog post here: Asexual Reproduction?

Grace and Peace

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