Woolly Pocket Change?

woolly_mammoth_coin.jpgA few weeks ago I noted that the Royal Canadian Mint is issuing a series of $4 coins for collectors featuring dinosaurs (click here). They have also minted a one ounce platinum coin with a face value of $300 with a picture of a woolly mammoth. You better order it soon, however, as they only produced 400 pieces. They are available from the mint for a mere $2999.95.

Grace and Peace

2 thoughts on “Woolly Pocket Change?

  1. geochristian

    The face value of the coin is $300, but the value of the 31 grams of platinum in the coin at $44.56 per gram is $1381. Whether or not it is a good investment depends on how much coin collectors will be willing to pay for it in the future.


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