A new world atlas: “Our Dumb World”

From The Onion:

Our Dumb World: Atlas Of Planet Earth

Misunderstand Your World.

Our Dumb World: The Onion’s Atlas Of The Planet Earth is destined to become the most important book of the new century—perhaps the most indispensable volume in your home reference library. In fact, go ahead and throw all of your other books in the garbage right now.

The Onion provides you, the elite consumer who actually reads books, a bound, beautifully illustrated hardcover archive of all the world’s accumulated knowledge. Carry it with you when you travel in order to make sense of the strange cultures and frightening cuisine of other nations. 256 pages.

Improved features include:

  • Fewer clouds on maps
  • Curvier latitude lines
  • Better-veiled xenophobia

Country descriptions include:

  • Afghanistan: Allah’s Cat Box
  • Chile: Preventing Argentina From Enjoying the Pacific Ocean Since 1818
  • The South: Where Mistakes of the Past Come Alive

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