Maybe the Sky Isn’t Falling

From Christianity Today: Maybe the Sky Isn’t Falling: New UN study says that reports of the world’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

My previous post was about Al Gore and the Nobel Peace Prize. Some environmentalists look as global warming and a dozen other ecological crises that face us and say, “The sky is falling.” This CT article points to a United Nations study that highlights what is going right in the world:

  • The U.N. study states, “People around the world are becoming healthier, wealthier, better educated, more peaceful, more connected, and they are living longer.”
  • Much of the improvement in these areas, according to the report, is due to increased freedom, capitalism, and free trade.
  • The numbers of people living in extreme poverty continues to drop at a fast rate.
  • World population should peak around mid-century, and may even start to decline.

These are all good things.

The article, however, points us to a glaring fact of human nature. We have an incredible ability to mess things up. At the beginning of the 20th century, many were making the same sorts of optimistic predictions. Then came two world wars. We could easily repeat this folly. In our sin, and with our biotechnology and weapons of mass destruction, we have the potential of making the 21st century into one of misery and suffering.

Let us pray for our world, and work for the good of our neighbors.

Grace and Peace

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