The Environment and Abortion

From “Why Do Some Environmentalists Think Saving Earth Requires Abortions?

If asked what function the San Francisco-based Sierra Club performs, most of its 1.3 million members would probably reply “protecting the environment,” or “raising awareness of endangered species,” or words to that effect. Yet, in their 2007 legislative report for Minnesota, the Sierra Club spent nearly 3 pages describing legislative initiatives that have virtually nothing to do with the environment.

Rather, this section deals almost exclusively with population issues or, to put it more accurately, with population control issues.

“Over 250,000 women need publicly supported contraceptive services in Minnesota,” the section’s first sentence urges. It goes on to complain that “the President’s budget slashes funding for international family planning by $111 million, nearly one fourth of the FY 2007 funding level,” and criticizes Bush’s support for abstinence education.

This disturbing attack on life and family is only one example of a larger trend. Over the past few decades, environmentalist organizations have adopted radically anti-natal stances, often with a dedication and ferocity that rivals Planned Parenthood.

Paul Watson, president of the Sea Shepherd organization (and former Sierra Club board member), posts regular diatribes against population on his web site. In a May 4th editorial, he insists that human beings act “in the same manner as an invasive virus” on the earth. “I was once severely criticized for describing human beings as being the ‘AIDS of the Earth,'” he went on. “I make no apologies for that statement.”

This view of humans being the “AIDS of the Earth” comes from a world view that places nature above humans. It is equally in error to have a world view that has things the other way around, with humans above nature. A Biblically-informed world view doesn’t buy into either of these errors. A Biblical view of nature has humans as part of nature, but humans also being over nature as responsible stewards. The One who is over all is God, and we are accountable to Him.

Grace and Peace

One thought on “The Environment and Abortion

  1. Sin is what makes man like a beast. Is that the reason man’s worth has become less than nature in our society? It is so backwards. Thank you for pointing out our responsibility to the Creator and his creation.


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