Foolishness in Abundance

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” –Psalm 14:1

Lately, the atheists have been busy writing books.

  • Sam Harris, Letter to a Christian Nation
  • Daniel Dennett, Breaking the Spell
  • Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion
  • Christopher Hitchens, God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything

I interact via the internet with the type of people who read this stuff, and they tend to be both arrogant and ignorant. Apparently the authors of these books are no different.

World Magazine has a review of these books: Backward, Atheist Soldiers! Here are some quotes from the magazine:

Even Publishers Weekly noted concerning The God Delusion, “For a scientist who criticizes religion for its intolerance, Dawkins has written a surprisingly intolerant book, full of scorn for religion and those who believe.”

Scapegoating is also evident in the writing of Sam Harris, who frequently forgets to use reason and instead falls back on words like “preposterous.” He asserts certainty about what he admits not knowing: “How the process of evolution got started is still a mystery, but that does not in the least suggest that a deity is likely to be lurking at the bottom of it all.”

Harris, for all his attacks on Intelligent Design, does not even understand the distinction between macro-evolution—one kind of creature changing into another—and micro-evolution. One of his proofs of theistic obtuseness is that “viruses like HIV, as well as a wide range of harmful bacteria, can be seen evolving right under our noses, developing resistance to antiviral and antibiotic drugs.”

In response to the accusation that religion is the source of evil in the world, and that we would all be happier and get along if we were all atheists:

The McGraths [authors of the aptly titled book The Dawkins Delusion] also point out the folly of believing that if religion were eliminated wars would cease: After all, conflicts often reflect human desires to declare some people as “in” and others as “out,” sometimes on the basis of religion, but at other times on the basis of race, ethnicity, tribe, class, gender, or whatever.

Doug Wilson has written a book in response to Letter to a Christian Nation called Letter from A Christian Nation:

[Wilson] points out that Harris uses morally loaded words like “should” and “ought”; Wilson rightly asks Harris, “What is the difference between an imposed morality, an imposed religion, or an imposed secular ought? Why is your imposition to be preferred to any other?”

Wilson also points out that the litany of religious folks fighting each other that Harris recites “is beside the point. We don’t believe that religion is the answer. We believe Christ is the answer.” Harris’ list of religious messes merely confirms “one of the basic tents of the Christian faith, which is that the human race is all screwed up.”

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that though the atheists are becoming increasingly boisterous, we should not be intimidated. Don’t lose your faith over what these guys are saying in their ignorance and hatred.

Grace and Peace


World Magazine Blog has a post on this, and here is a good comment from a reader:

The two tenets of atheism:

1) There is no God.

2) I hate Him.

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