Green President

Who would be a “green” president (i.e. an environmentally friendly president)? Al Gore? John Edwards? They say they are environmentally conscious, but they have been accused of hypocrisy because of their consumptive lifestyles.

How about George W. Bush? Check out this post from — Is George Bush a Closet Green?

Here’s a quote:

[Is] it possible that George Bush is a secret Green? Evidently his Crawford Winter White House has 25,000 gallons of rainwater storage, gray water collection from sinks and showers for irrigation, passive solar, geothermal heating and cooling. “By marketplace standards, the house is startlingly small,” says David Heymann, the architect of the 4,000-square-foot home. “Clients of similar ilk are building 16-to-20,000-square-foot houses.”

Grace and Peace

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