Creation Care Skeptics

From Christianity Today: Dobson, Others Seek Ouster of NAE Vice President. Subtitle: Interim president Leith Anderson says he supports Richard Cizik’s work on creation care.

More than two dozen evangelical leaders are seeking the ouster of the Rev. Richard Cizik from the National Association of Evangelicals because of his “relentless campaign” against global warming.

In a March 1 letter to L. Roy Taylor, chairman of the NAE Board, Focus on the Family Chairman James Dobson and others said the NAE vice president’s activism on global warming is “a threat to the unity and integrity” of the organization.

“The issue that is dividing and demoralizing the NAE and its leaders is related to global warming,” wrote the leaders, none of whom are members of the association. “If he cannot be trusted to articulate the views of American evangelicals on environmental issues, then we respectfully suggest that he be encouraged to resign his position with the NAE.”

Perhaps the NAE needs to move cautiously, as there is obviously not great unity among Evangelicals on the issue of climate change. On the other hand, I applaud the fact that leaders such as Cizik are placing a much greater emphasis on “creation care” than has been the case up until now. How we care for the environment is an important issue, and many conservative leaders (religious or political) give lip service to “conservation” or “stewardship,” but support policies that lead to continued degradation of nature.

I liked the observation of Don at The Evangelical Ecologist:

Really, guys – there are lots of us Evangelicals out here, and we serve the God that created the whole universe with a word. I think we can handle more than one “great moral issue” at a time.

Grace and Peace

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