The Face on Mars

In 1976, the Viking 1 orbiter took a picture of a feature on Mars that had the appearance of a human face. Some people went from “It looks like a human face; isn’t that interesting” to “It must have been constructed by aliens!”

In 2001, the NASA Mars Global Surveyer took better resolution images of the feature, showing clearly that it is indeed a natural feature. However, the “face on Mars” people dismissed this as a cover-up or conspiracy.

An even better image has just been released, taken by the European Space Agency’s Mars Express orbiter. I’m convinced that this is natural. Some people will never be convinced.

Viking 1 image, 1976, NASA (The “Face on Mars” is upper center)

Mars Global Surveyer, 2001, NASA

Mars Express, 2006, ESA

Yahoo news article

Astronomy Picture of the Day 9/25/2006

Wikipedia article

Grace and Peace

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