A Plea For Green

Tod Bolsinger makes a case for Christian interest and involvement in environmental issues on his It Takes a Church blog. The entry is called A Plea for Green.

Some quotes:

Whether one takes Al Gore’s or Michael Crichton’s side in the global warming debate is less the issue than whether there is a long term responsibility to continue to do best by an Earth that is certainly changing and in need of responsible stewardship. And good stewardship of the Earth is, whether it is profitable or popular or not, the first responsibility given to humans by our Creator. A responsibility that, it is often pointed out, Christians have been slow to embrace with much enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, bad exegesis and selective attention have often reduced God’s mandate of Genesis 1 to only “be fruitful and multiply” or has been used as rationale for “using” (exploiting?) the Earth for human good alone, something that needs to be learned, taught and corrected by those of us who know the Bible better than science.

At the very least we can all embrace the practices put forth by the NAE paper: “practicing effective recycling, conserving resources, and experiencing the joy of contact with nature.” But it will be as leaders in our Christian communities that we can make the biggest difference.

I got this link from The Evangelical Ecologist.

Grace and Peace

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