Google Earth

It’s time to get back to my “Web Site of the Week.” I’ll start with one of my favorites, Google Earth. Google Earth is software that you can download for free, which can be used for viewing imagery of virtually all of the Earth’s land areas. Resolution tends to be better over the United States and cities, and weaker over rural areas. They have just updated the imagery over our adopted home of Bucharest, Romania. Here are some samples, starting with a whole-Earth view:

On the highest-resolution imagery of Bucharest, one can clearly see automobiles, and even the shadows of individual people on the sidewalk. This means the resolution (the size of the smallest discernable feature) is somewhat better than one meter. For other places on Earth, resolution ranges from 15 meters all the way down to six inches.

In addition, Google Earth has topographic data built in to it, so that the view angle can be adjusted to view mountain ranges and other features from the side.

Have fun. Find your house. Take a vacation without leaving your home.

Grace and Peace

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