Are You a Global Warming Skeptic? Part III

Back in March, I had a post about Scientific American’s blog entries on “Are You a Global Warming Skeptic, parts I and II“. Scientific American has updated this with Are You a Global Warming Skeptic? Part III. They posted this on April 24th, but it is still relevant. Rather than bashing opponents of global warming, this summarizes the arguments against global warming, and is worth a read.

The basic arguments people give against global warming were put into the following categories:

  • Global warming is not occuring
  • Present warming is a natural phenomenon
  • CO2 emissions cannot explain the warming
  • Climate models are unconvincing
  • Warming would be a good thing
  • Kyoto is worthless, or worse
  • Can’t trust the enviro-wackos and journalists

I haven’t formed an opinion one way or another on these points, though I would like to (along with 100 other things I’d like to look into).

Grace and Peace

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