Fellowship in the Sciences

As an undergraduate student, at Montana State University, I knew of no other Christians in the geology department. They may have been there, but I felt very much alone. This was at a time when I was just starting to grow in my faith as a Christian, and I had no one with whom I could discuss issues like the relationship between science and the scriptures.

I expected the same to be true when I went off to graduate school at Washington State University. However, I was blessed to find a number of other believers among the geology graduate and undergraduate students, as well as among the physics students who shared the building. There was a time when we could consistently gather four to six students together for a Bible study and prayer time in one of the laboratories, and I treasure the fellowship I had with Glenn, Alan, John, Steven, and others.

I am experiencing some of that fellowship now as I work on raising the additional support we need for returning to Romania. I have been contacting people who I think might share my passion for “science, science education, and the gospel,” with the hope of developing relationships for mutual encouragement, as well as for financial support in our ministry. In the past few months, I have had good a good talk with a biochemist (or molecular biologist; I’m not sure which he prefers) about his research on transferring a gene for making luciferase (responsible for the glow of a lightning bug) into mice. This holds promise in cancer research. I have also visited with a physicist about cosmic ray research and supernovas. I think these men enjoyed having someone to talk to who could follow what they were saying, and I certainly enjoyed learning from them. Plus, it is good to have scientist-to-scientist fellowship. One of these men feels very alone as a Christian in the workplace.

If you are not a scientist, please pray for those who are. Many of them work in environments that are rather hostile to Christianity. I have been blessed in many ways to know each of these scientists who follow Christ.

Grace and Peace

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