Missions Update 5 May 2006

My wife and I are missionaries in Romania with the Evangelical Free Church of America International Mission. We send out an e-mail update to our friends and supporters every couple of weeks. Here is part of our update for this week:

Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

The Mission of Bucharest Christian Academy
“BCA exists to provide a Christ-centered quality education primarily serving missionary and Christian expatriate families. BCA prepares students spiritually, academically, and socially, through a Biblical worldview, to face the challenges of living in today’s world. As a primary outcome of our mission, BCA students will be equipped to influence the world through Biblical thought, character, and action.”

By supporting us in our ministry of BCA, you are contributing to the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20; Mark 16:15; Luke 24:47; Acts 1:8). Consider the following:

  • The parents of BCA students minister in a great variety of roles with a number of mission agencies. Their work includes evangelism, leadership training, church planting, university work, orphanage work, and youth work. Many of these parents say they would not be in Romania if it were not for the ministry of BCA.
  • Many of the students at BCA are involved in their parents’ ministries. All high school students participate in community service projects.
  • Many missionary kids eventually become missionaries themselves.
  • Some of the students come from non-Christian families, and a number of these have come to faith in Christ through the ministry of the school. Many of the non-Christian families have come from Asian countries, such as China, Japan, and Indonesia.
  • The population of Bucharest is only about 1% evangelical.
  • In the bigger picture, Europe has a lower percentage of evangelical believers than any other continent. The need for workers in Europe is great!

You can see, therefore, that the ministry of BCA not only has an impact in the lives of its students, but on the country of Romania, and even throughout the world.

Prayer Requests
Thank you for your prayers for us as we visited churches in Farmington, Missouri and Oak Lawn, Illinois. We felt that both visits went well.

Please continue to pray for:

  • We are still in need of $1400 per month in support. This hasn’t changed significantly for a month.
  • Please pray as Kevin continues to contact scientists and researchers in industry, academia, and government with “a passion for science, science education, and the gospel.” This is our primary focus of making new contacts right now. Pray that he would also be able to make fruitful contacts through Christian professional organizations.
  • BCA is still in need of teachers for next year: elementary, secondary English and math.
  • Shirley is coming up on her last week of her Introduction to Counseling Class at Covenant Seminary. She is working on several papers, and then needs to take the final exam.
  • We are presenting our ministry at our home church, Christ Community Church in St. Louis on May 7th.
  • We are presenting our ministry at Rockport Baptist Church in Arnold, Missouri on May 14th.
  • We are meeting with the missions committee of a potential supporting church on May 16th.

Grace and Peace

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