Introduction Q&A

Q: With tens of millions of blogs already out there, why am I creating another?

A: Because I have something to say, and hope I can say it better than much of what is out there.

Q: What will this blog be about?

A: My interests are broad, so I might comment about anything. But the focus will be on science, science education, and Christianity.

Q: What are my qualifications to write on these topics?

A: I have an M.S. degree in Geology, and am working as a science teacher at a school for children of missionaries.

Q: Why the title “The Earth is Not Flat?”

A: Some people lump anyone who believes that God created the universe in with flat-earthers. An example of this is the editorial “Okay, We Give Up” in the April 2005 edition of Scientific American, where Intelligent Design is lumped in with a belief in a flat Earth and other untenable positions. The Bible, however, doesn’t teach that the Earth is flat, and this has never been a position of the church.

Q: Will anybody read this?

A: I have no idea. Perhaps I’ll make my students read it from time to time.

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