HIV/AIDS: A.B.C., S.L.O.W., or S.T.O.P.?

Christianity Today has an article on Kay Warren’s framework for fighting HIV/AIDS. (Kay Warren is the Wife of Purpose Driven Life author Rick Warren).

The article is HIV/AIDS: S.L.O.W. It Down, or S.T.O.P. It?

The approach that has been promoted by many Christians in places like Africa is ABC —

  • A — Abstinence
  • B — Be faithful
  • C — Condoms

To me, ABC is a no-brainer. Virgins don’t get HIV. Mutually faithful couples don’t get HIV. And in the larger community, consistent use of condoms will reduce the transmission rate of HIV.

The SLOW/STOP approach seems to build on this, and addresses some of the legitimate criticisms of the ABC program. SLOW/STOP has the two-pronged goal of slowing the transmission of the virus in the general population, and stopping it among those who will listen to moral reasoning.

Read the article for a description of SLOW and STOP.

You don’t have to be a Purpose Driven Life fan (I’m not) in order to admire the work of compassion that is going on here. I do wonder why they have copyrighted the SLOW and STOP acrostics.

Grace and Peace

Eat Well Part 2

A few weeks ago I had a simple quote from Scientific American Blog:

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

Don Darrick at The Evangelical Ecologist has good dietary advice, with a few more details:

Here’s how I have made my diet more natural:

1. Reduced soda (or pop) intake to virtually zero. Increased water intake and 100% fruit drinks (like orange juice). Get rid of the diet pop (no nutritional value, lots of chemicals) and have some O.J.

2. Switched to whole grain breads, pastas and cereals. Sorry, no low-carb or all-carb diet here. Extreme diets are generally not the way to go for most people. Balanced diets are. It’s the exercise/activity part most people have problems with.

3. Don’t add salt to anything. Yes, salt is natural, but spices are too and have lots of nutritional value. There’s enough salt in foods already.

4. No more of those fatty, prepackaged, shrink wrapped snacks. There’s a reason why they’re called “junk” food.

5. Eat out less and eat better when we do go out. Even “good” food like chicken can be bad at fast food places. But it’s better than hamburgers all the time. Skip the greasy appetizer and get a salad.

6. Regularly take multi-vitamin supplement. I’m not sure why everyone doesn’t do this because all of our factory foods loose a lot of their vitamins during processing and cooking. Haven’t been sick in over a year since I started taking vitamins on a regular basis. Granted, I didn’t get sick very often to being with, but it’s no medical secret that getting your vitamins improves all aspects of your health including the immune system.

I’ll have to work hardest on #1 — I drink too much pop. But I haven’t had any today!

Grace and Peace