Why is this “science”?

Christianity Today has a couple of articles on ID and creationism that they posted on the web today. The first of these is called Science in Wonderland. It is a wide-ranging article, with sections on the teaching of evolution in public schools, elephant pheromones, and the extinctions that occurred at the end of the Permian Period.

The interesting part to me was a section on string theory. (String theory: molecules are made of atoms, atoms are made of electrons, protons, and neutrons; protons and neutrons are made of quarks, quarks are perhaps made of tiny “strings” of energy). Why is it that wild speculations about string theorysuch as the untestable idea that we might live in one of 10500 parallel universescan make the cover of science magazines, but anything that suggests that the universe was created is “not science?” The parallel universe idea is an attempt to explain how we could be in a universe that looks so perfectly fine-tuned for intelligent life without invoking the need for a Creator. This is based on faith even more than anything in the ID or creationism movements; a faith in naturalism that says, there must be an explanation for the universe apart from a divine Creator, no matter what the evidence in this universe says.

I thought that this universe was the one that scientists study.

Grace and Peace

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